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Types Of Mirror Disco Balls 

What is your experience with mirror balls?

You may be used to disco balls if you frequent clubs or party scenes. Undoubtedly, disco balls are used to create the vibrant and lively atmosphere you want for your event, but do you know that you can do more with mirror balls?

Disco balls/mirror balls have been used to add glamour to the dance floor since the 1920s, but we have experienced a shift in recent times. 

The use of disco balls has evolved. Mirror disco balls are no longer restricted to dance floors, they are now used to add life to unconventional places like the home, office, gardens, etc. 

Since people now use disco balls for different purposes, disco balls are now made to fulfil other purposes. 

Disco mirror balls are made with a variety of materials, made in various sizes and shapes. What you wish to achieve with a disco ball will determine the type of disco ball you should buy. 

This article will discuss the types of disco mirror balls and their best use.


Types of Mirror Disco Balls

Just like we said earlier, there are different types of disco balls. Let us take a look at them.


Traditional/Standard Mirror Disco Balls

Traditional mirror balls are one of the first types of disco balls that existed hence the name. You will commonly find these types of disco balls at parties, nightclubs, and other outdoor events. 

Traditional disco balls are spherical balls made of small mirrors that reflect light, creating a stunning and sparkling effect – that forces you to move your body.

The traditional mirror disco balls come in different sizes, ranging from 4 inches to 40 inches in diameter. The bigger the ball, the more mirrors it will have, and the more dazzling the light effect will be. The mirrors on traditional mirror disco balls consist of small squares usually made of glass or acrylic and are arranged in a specific pattern to optimize the reflection of light.

If you are looking to create a dazzling light source for your space without the use of electricity, then a traditional disco ball is best for you. 


LED Mirror Disco Balls

Just like every other thing, the use and manufacturing of disco balls changed with time. A new type of disco ball came into existence: “LED Mirror Disco Balls”

LED mirror disco balls are a more modern version of traditional mirror disco balls as regards the structure and function of the traditional disco balls. Led mirror disco balls work quite differently from traditional disco balls because instead of reflecting light from small mirrors, they feature LED lights that create a more vibrant and colourful effect. 

LED mirror disco balls are available in different colours, and some even come with built-in programs that allow you to change and choose the colours and patterns that best match your space automatically.

The major difference between the traditional mirror disco balls and the Led mirror disco ball is the light source.  

Unlike traditional mirror disco balls, LED mirror disco balls do not require external light sources to create their effect. They have built-in LED lights that produce the desired lighting effect, making them more convenient to use in any space.


Motorized Mirror Disco Balls

When we talk about the evolution of mirror balls, we can’t do so without talking about the motorized disco balls.

Motorized disco balls are a type of traditional disco ball. The major difference between the traditional disco balls (which are commonly hung on the roof) is the automatic rotation system. 

Motorized mirror disco balls rotate automatically because they have an in-built electric motor that rotates the ball, creating a more dynamic and visually stunning effect. Motorized mirror disco balls are often used in larger venues and events, such as concerts, to create a more engaging atmosphere that fills the space. 

Motorized mirror disco balls come in different sizes and are available with different motor speeds. The faster the motor, the more dynamic the effect will be. They are often combined with other lighting effects to create a more visually stunning environment.


Hanging Mirror Disco Balls

Hanging disco balls are one of the most common disco balls. These types of disco balls are designed to be suspended from the ceiling and are often used in smaller spaces, events and venues.

Hanging mirror balls are available in different sizes, ranging from 4 inches to 20 inches in diameter, and are made of small mirrors arranged in a specific pattern to create a reflective effect.

Hanging mirror disco balls are often combined with other lighting effects to create a more immersive environment. They are ideal for creating a festive atmosphere in small spaces, such as home parties or small clubs.

They are smaller hanging mirror balls that you can use in small spaces like your workstation, youtube video set, car, etc. 


Customized Mirror Disco Balls

The use of mirror disco balls has evolved with time. These days, mirror disco balls are not just limited to the party floor, they have found their way into homes, offices, outdoor spaces, etc. 

This simply means that the structure of these disco balls is totally dependent on what the user wants to achieve. If you want to use it to decorate your home or office, then you may want to look a certain way.

For example, many people use disco balls as decorative planters on their front porches. The idea is that you can use it for anything you wish. 

These are the types of mirror disco balls that can be tailored to meet a user’s specific requirements. All you have to do is to discuss your concerns with a custom disco ball manufacturer.  

They can be made in different shapes, sizes, and designs, depending on your preferences. Customized mirror disco balls are often used in corporate events and brand awareness, where you can add your brand colours and logo to the design of the mirror balls.

Customized mirror balls are an excellent way to add a unique touch to any event and create a memorable experience for attendees.


Things to Consider When Choosing a Mirror Disco Ball

Mirror disco balls are almost an essential part of any vibrant event – the colours, the vibrance, the effects, etc. Your choice of a disco ball for your space or event should depend on the effect that you want to achieve. 

There are different disco balls and each of them serves different purposes. The truth is that there is a mirror ball for everyone – traditional mirror balls, LED light mirror balls, custom mirror balls, etc. However, It is good you consider the following before buying a disco mirror ball:

  • The venue’s size
  • The type of event 
  • The desired effect.

For example; 

LED mirror disco balls are ideal for smaller venues and events, while motorized mirror disco balls and larger traditional mirror disco balls are more suitable for larger venues and events. Hanging mirror disco balls are ideal for smaller spaces and are often used in combination with other lighting effects.

Customized mirror disco balls offer a unique way to incorporate branding and create a more personalized experience for attendees. They can be made in different shapes, sizes, and designs to meet specific requirements, making them an excellent choice for corporate events and brand activations.

No matter the type of mirror disco ball chosen, they are sure to add a touch of glamour and sparkle to any event. With their reflective surfaces and ability to create dazzling lighting effects, they are a must-have for any party, club, or concert.


Wrapping it Up;

Mirror disco balls are a versatile and essential component of any entertainment event. The different types of mirror disco balls available in the market offer a range of options suitable for different occasions and venues. 

When choosing a mirror disco ball, it’s important to consider the desired effect, venue size, and type of event to select the best one that will create a memorable and visually stunning atmosphere.


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