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All You Should Know about Disco Balls

What are some things you should know about disco balls?

From the 1920s till date, Disco Balls have been lighting up parties. Hosts would suspend them from the ceilings of nightclubs, bars, weddings and other party venues to set the mood.

Made from dozens of highly reflective mirrors wrapped around a spherical object, disco balls reflect streaks of dazzling lights in different directions across the space it’s in. The sparkling light effects of the disco ball illuminate your house or nightclub as it spins and creates a fun and exciting atmosphere for dancers and partygoers.

These huge decorative balls can be used for anything, bringing the perfect retro vibe. You can put them up as home décor, Christmas ornaments or in parties, ballrooms, karaoke rooms and nightclubs.

Some disco balls have surfaces that create a soft warm glow that is perfect as bedroom décor. While others like how coloured disco balls reflect up to 5 or 6 different unique lights.

Whether you’re buying for personal or commercial use, this article details all you should know about disco balls. 


Why Do You Need A Disco Ball?

If you want to add flair or dazzle to your home, event or party, disco balls are the perfect decorations to use. 

Available in different sizes from 5cm to 200 cm in diameter, these mirror balls can be used to give an extra edge of glamour and sophistication to your space. 

Choosing the right disco ball depends on its size and the aesthetic you wish to go for.

Here are some of the top reasons why you need a disco ball:


For Aesthetic Purposes 

Disco balls come in different sizes, colours and shapes. 

If you want to add some funk to your space or party, you can achieve that with one. This stunning décor takes your parties to the next level. 

No matter the kind of event you’re hosting, there’s a perfect disco ball that will fit into the aesthetic you need. 


Perfect for Home decoration 

Whether you want to brighten up your space or add an extra groovy feel to your home. The disco ball is a dazzling statement piece you can add to your home collection. 

Disco balls in the home harness the rays from sunlight and reflect them in different directions, making the room look glamorous. 



Another great thing about disco balls is that they are inexpensive, making them a perfect go-to party or home décor when decorating on a budget. 

You can shop for disco balls online or make a simple DIY mirror ball yourself.


Best Places To Use Disco Balls

Adding a simple disco ball can make a huge difference to your space. 

You can hang it from the ceiling or place it in various positions to create the ambience you want to achieve. 

Although there are no limits to the ways you can decorate with a disco ball, you should however not use too many balls at once because it may leave your party or home looking tacky.

Here are some of the best places to use disco balls:


At Home 

If you wish to decorate your home with a disco ball, it is important to pay close attention to the size and location of the room. 

This is because the disco balls are likely to become the focal point of attention in the room. 

They are more visually appealing when used in understated spaces. Living rooms and bedrooms always look great with disco balls especially when they are placed near a window or skylight. 

The following are areas you can place your disco balls:

As a chandelier

The simplest way to use a disco ball in your home is to hang it on a chandelier. It brightens up a plain-looking room.

When sunlight hits the disco ball, it’ll illuminate your room and immediately become the centre of attention which in turn lightens the mood of the room and puts a smile on your guests’ faces.

In the room

You can hang a disco ball in your room and enjoy the ultimate party atmosphere. 

Decorating this part of your home with a disco ball gives off an unanticipated vibe with appealing visual impact.

You can incorporate them as fun ascents in strange corners to bring some shine into your bedroom.

As planters

For groovy plant lovers, you can transform your disco ball into a planter. It’s just what you need to give your home a true touch of retro style. 

Hang your disco planter anywhere that needs an extra bit of dazzle and watch how it brings the glamour of a dance floor right into your garden or living room. 


Christmas Decorations

Decorating the Christmas tree involves the family or a gathering of close friends together which create sentimental memories and moments.

Adding ornaments and decorations to the tree is the best part of the entire process. 

You can decorate your Christmas tree with as many disco balls as you like, the shimmering effect will leave you giddy and excited for the season.    



Lighting is essential in setting the tone you want for any event.

Disco balls are perfect for decorating the dance floor of weddings. A disco mirror ball can be hung above the dance floor or placed at different corners to create beautiful lighting effects. 

Everybody wants to have fun and enjoy wedding parties, so you must create the right ambience for your guests. 

Using a disco ball as your wedding decoration is one thing that will surely get your guests ready to rock on the dance floor.



Disco balls are popularly used in nightclubs, they reflect sparkling coloured lights across the dance floor to create an upbeat atmosphere that makes people get down and have a good time.

These rotating spherical mirror balls have been used to keep parties lit up since the 70’s disco era.   


Themed parties

If what you are throwing is a retro-themed disco party, then you want to bring in a disco mirror ball. 

Disco balls at themed parties will cast lighting effects that will leave your guests in a party mood.

For a lot of people, disco parties are a way to dress up, enjoy classic music and express their creativity. 

So if you plan to throw a retro-themed party, disco balls are the perfect decoration for you. It will bring the party’s theme together and leave your guests feeling nostalgic.

While these disco balls can be gotten from different shops and websites, you can make one yourself by putting your DIY skills to good use.


5 Things You Should Know About Disco Balls

Disco balls are used for all types of events from birthday parties, and weddings to concerts and as props for photoshoots and music videos. 

They add a touch of fun and excitement to your home or parties. 

If you’re getting one for an event or a space, these are 5 important things you should know about disco balls:


Disco Balls Are Making A Comeback

The use of disco balls originated from the disco era which is considered to be one of the most significant music eras in history. 

That disco culture has still managed to influence today’s mainstream culture. This is why these classic balls never seem to go out of style.


Disco Balls Are Affordable

Disco balls are inexpensive especially when you compare them to other household or party decorations like chandeliers. 

The best thing about disco balls is you can make one yourself without much effort by using your DIY skills. 

All you need is hot glue, styrofoam and some mirrors.


Disco Balls Are Versatile 

Disco balls are an incredibly versatile piece of décor, you can hang them at the centre of your ceiling, place them on a table, or use it as a plant pot. 

The options are endless, so it is up to you to decide how you want to use your disco balls. 

You can also choose disco balls of different sizes and colours to create the type of look and effect you’re going for.


Disco balls Can Be Used To Make Spaces Look Bigger

If you want a small space to look or feel bigger, the best trick is to use mirrors or reflective surfaces that can reflect enough light into the room. 

Disco balls are reflective, and you can use them to manipulate the size of a space.

You can put it in a position where it can get direct sunlight so it reflects light throughout the day and keeps your home glamorous.


Disco balls Are Perfect For All Kinds Of Parties

Disco balls are great for weddings, nightclubs, bars, and clubs. 

If you want your party to have a glamorous vibe and leave an impression on your guests, you should consider using a disco ball as the centrepiece decoration. 

Coupled with good music and food, disco ball lighting will completely change the atmosphere of an event and make your parties fun and exciting.


Best Types Of Disco Balls To Buy 

Whatever you need to use a disco ball for, we have curated a list of some of the most popular disco balls you can use for your next party or home décor.


Disco Ball Planter

Disco ball planters are the perfect finishing touch to add to your living space or garden.

They are hollow-shaped disco balls that accentuate the feel of the timeless disco era. You can fill it with soil, hang your favourite plants and place it in a space where direct sunlight hits. 

The disco ball planter is just what you need to bring a pop of retro and funk to your living space.


Mushroom Disco Balls

Mushroom disco balls are mushroom-shaped miniature disco balls that are perfect for weddings, birthday parties, and home decor.

This particular party décor piece can spruce up any boring space.

Mushroom Disco Balls are formed out of styrofoam and finished with mirrored glass tiles. They can be used as statement pieces to light up rooms, especially spots where sunlight hits directly.


Half Mirror Ball

Half-mirror disco balls are ideal for areas where space is limited. 

They are smaller in size and can be used in place of classic disco balls. It is perfect for parties, school dances, clubs and weddings.


Mega Disco Mirror Ball

Mega disco mirror balls are mostly used as centrepieces in nightclubs, theatres, school dances and weddings.  

These disco balls are made up of small mirror facets and are usually large with diameters up to 1.5 metres, their sizes make them perfect for decorating large venues or spaces.

They are usually hung on the ceiling with rotating motors reflecting sparkling and shiny lights on the dance floor when light is shone on them.

Mega disco mirror balls also come in different colours and lighting effects.


Mini Disco Mirror Balls 

Mini disco mirror balls are perfect for decorating Christmas trees and can also be added to other home decorations to brighten things up. 

They add a bit of fun and quirkiness to your living space. 

Mini disco mirror balls look amazing in smaller spaces, they create a dazzling effect.


Self Adhesive Glass Mosaic Wall Decorative Antique Mirror Tiles

Antique Mirror Tiles aren’t exactly disco balls, but you can also use them to decorate your bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms. 

They are made of non-corrosive, highly durable glass mirror materials that imitate the same lighting effects as disco balls. 

Antique Mirror Tiles can be used for artwork, DIY disco mirror balls, Christmas tree decors and as wrappers for small ornaments.


Are You Looking for a Disco Ball Manufacturer in China?

No doubt, disco balls are great aesthetic pieces, but how do you get a high-quality disco ball?

Disco balls are not difficult to get, but getting a high-quality and long-lasting one can be a hassle. The problem many people have with disco balls is their durability, many disco balls are not durable.  Well, this is not always the case.

If you are looking for where to buy durable disco balls, then check out awesome disco ball products on Asides from getting durable disco balls, you can place a custom order for disco balls and watch your dream disco ball come to life.

Disco Balls AKA Mirror Balls are the perfect way to spice up your party decorations, while also making a statement. They reflect light and set the right ambience for every type of event.

Above all, disco balls add a perfect touch of style, class and personality to homes, offices and events.

Get this décor now to start the party before guests arrive or add flare to your space. 

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