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The last male mirror ball worker in the world!

Today, I would like to introduce to you the last male mirror ball worker in the world. His name is Mr. jing, born in Sichuan, China in 1978. He worked as a mirror ball quality manager in the famous Taiwan-funded enterprise Varytec 20 years ago, and started to post the mirror ball as early as 20 years ago. Until now have their own factory, or insist on their own manual paste. And every month the order is full, many old customers come to him directly. Because the quality of the glass ball made by him is the first, no one can match it. Many people say that Chinese handicrafts will be eliminated sooner or later. But he said that many things cannot be replaced by machines. If we adhere to and support craftsmanship, we must pass on Chinese handicrafts.
He posted a variety of balls, from the smallest 5cm to the largest 2 meters, taller than people, there are many customized, glittering models, animals, kittens, puppies, super great workmanship, today recorded a video to teach you how to be a puppy at home.
Materials to be prepared:

1. 2pcs cut glass lenses, the back of the glass lenses should be glued on both sides in advance, and the lenses can also be bought here.
2. 1 sharp knife.
3. 3 pushpins.
4. 1 foam ball puppy.
5. Glue.

DIY mirror ball pic

Now cut a large piece of glass into a small strip with a knife, and be very careful not to scratch your own hand. You can also wear gloves to protect them. After drawing, the back of the double-sided glue should be torn apart first.
And then began to paste one by one to the puppy, be careful not to have gaps, otherwise it will not look good. This piece of glass is easy to tear. You can open as much as you need. You can start with the puppy’s ear, stick the ear to the head, stick the whole head to the head, and finally stick to the lower body and legs of the puppy.
Finally, the three pushpins were glued with glue as the puppy’s two eyes and nose. Such a custom glass dog is complete.
I think you would say it’s easy, but it’s not that easy. The object is very small and there are many places to turn. If the novice sticker is likely to have a lot of cracks, resulting in unattractive. But there will be no problem if you practice a few more times. As the saying goes, which makes perfect, this is the truth.
That’s all for today, another day there will be more glass ball production process and process. For more details, please follow our website.

Please See our tutorial how to homemake a mirror dog by yourself on youtube

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