Rotating Motor Max.10kg for 24inch 60cm Heavy Duty Motor disco mirror ball manufacturer China Best Disco Mirror Ball and stage light Factory ```jsx

Rotating Motor Max.10kg for 24inch 60cm Heavy Duty Motor

The disco ball spinning motor is a super accessory to our smaller diameter mirror balls and will make a party or disco an event to remember.
Ideal for use in nightclubs, theatres, ballrooms, and stages

motor mirror ball Power supply – 230Vac, 50Hz or 110v 60Hz
Disco mirror ball motor Max. weight load – 10kg for 24inch 60cm mirror balls
Weight – 1kg
Power Cable – 1 meter
Rotate mirror ball motor Speed (Rotation per minute) – 1rpm,2rpm,3rpm alternative speed
CE Compliant: Yes

Power Consumption: 4W

Note: Correct installation has been designed in accordance with the fall protection regulation BGV C1 (previously VGB 70)
Note: Mirror ball is not included, must be purchased separately.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 25 cm

80~120v, 220v~240v


1rpm, 2rpm, 3rpm

 Factory Price. Stock: More than 1000 pieces.

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Supplied to big ballrooms, home parties, house decorations, theatres, retail shops, film sets, function venues, nightclubs, bars...

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Details about Rotating Motor Max.10kg for 24inch 60cm Heavy Duty Motor

Choosing the right motorized disco ball  does not only depend on the desired rotation speed, but also on other factors such as the weight and size of the mirror ball.

The Low Noise glitter ball motor can hold up to 10kg /60cm diameter mirror ball and with rotates speeds 1rpm, 2rpm, 3rpm. The rotating motor is housed in a tough metal casing for protection. Designed to create minimal noise the motor won’t disrupt the noise and atmosphere of your event. The disco ball rotating motor can be fixed to the ceiling and is supplied with a hanging chain.

Heavy-duty disco ball motor is a synchronous ac motor so can start rotation in either direction with hand force. It’s very easy to stall the motor and get it to rotate in the other direction.

For the variable speed mirror ball motor you can choose 1 rpm mirror ball motor, 2 rpm mirror ball motor, 3 rpm mirror ball motor. Spinning motor for disco ball


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