60inch 150cm large disco mirror ball decor party and night clubs disco mirror ball manufacturer China Best Disco Mirror Ball and stage light Factory ```jsx

60inch 150cm large disco mirror ball decor party and night clubs

A Super Larger Mirror Ball for Large Venues. This 1.5m diameter Mirror Ball comes with a safety eye with is attached to the safety bar inside which runs throughout the ball for extra security. The Mirror Ball is made up of glass facets which measure 10 x 10mm each.
Ideal for use in nightclubs, theatres, ballrooms, and stages

Professional 60″ 150cm large Mirror Ball Features:

Mirror color: Silver, Black, Gold, Rose Gold or Customized color


• Incorporating special machine cut 10mm x 10mm mirror facets
• Double hanging points for safety
• Motor available separately

• Gaint disco  ball Size: 150cm (60inch) Diameter
• Facets: 10 x 10mm or 20x20mm
• RoHS Compliant: Yes

Note: Correct installation has been designed in accordance with the fall protection regulation BGV C1 (previously VGB 70)
Note: Motor is not included, must be purchased separately.

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What size is a large disco ball?

For the large disco ball size, we have 80inch( 200cm), 60inch(150cm), 48inch (120cm), 40inch (100cm), 30inch (75cm), 24inch (60cm),

The large disco ball is made of a fiberglass inner core. The outsides are covered with hundreds of silver chromed real mirror tiles. The mirrors will reflect sparkle light if turning. They include a hanging ring which fits perfectly into any ceiling hook and one safety ring which makes sure not to fall off. They are handmade and come in a variety of colors, such as silver, gold, copper, and black. They come in a size of 60inch professional large mirror ball (150 centimeters) and weigh 150 pounds (68 kilograms). The spinning motor is not included.


Weight 165 kg
Dimensions 160 × 160 × 160 cm
Mirror ball Color

Silver, Gold, Rose gold, Black

Mirror Size

10x10mm, 20x20mm

 Factory Price. Stock: More than 1000 pieces.

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Supplied to big ballrooms, home parties, house decorations, theatres, retail shops, film sets, function venues, nightclubs, bars...

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Details about 60inch 150cm large disco mirror ball decor party and night clubs

This mega mirror ball in professional quality from DY lighting has a remarkable diameter of 1.50 meters! A mirror ball of this size is the absolute eye-catcher in large clubs and at large events.
The dimensionally stable plastic core is covered with countless small mirror facets and provided with a continuous axis that guarantees high mechanical tensile strength. Two eyelets enable the fastening chain and the required fall protection to be installed.
Suitable motors and the necessary assembly material are available as accessories
• Sparkling and shinny mirror balls to decorate the dancefloor.
• Ideal for clubs, pubs, and theatrical use.
• Combine with the Mirrorball Motor to hang and rotate on the ceiling (not included)
• Very Solid fiberglass inner ball
• Incorporating machine cut 10 x 10mm mirror facets/ 20 x 20mm mirror facets on the 120cm mirror ball
• Strong bearing, double hanging points for safety
• Available in sizes 5cm and 200cm Diameter

• These glass mirror balls can be used with white or colored pin spots to turn an average party into a great effect.

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The large mirror ball material is Fiberglass core, not styrofoam


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