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Sparkly Disco Party Ideas That Would Be SO Nice for Your Party and Christmas Eve!

It’s no secret that I’m INSPIRED by the idea of a Christmas Eve, so these ideas were pinned with that in mind—but really, they’d work for a glitzy, glittery wedding any time of year! Sparkly swizzle sticks! (Bonus points if you get glittery gold coasters, too!)Two words: Disco Balls or Mirror balls! I think they’re TOTALLY worthy here! Dress up plain champagne flutes with gold paint! So festive! Hand out sparklers before your send-off! You’ll get such cool photos! Would you copycat these SPARKLY party ideas for your Christmas Eve? It can not only decorate your room but also your Christmas tree. I totally would! I always say that it is important to take care of every last detail … For your guests to be the kings of the dance floor, you not only need a good DJ but also take care of the lighting and set the scene for the disco. I leave you some ideas!

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Kathy's Stage lighting factory and purchase knowledge is insane. If you want know anything about purcahse stage lighting in China . You need to read her stuff-She's the profi among a sea of donkeys
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