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Disco Mirror Ball – The Perfect Solution For A Great House Party

Are you a fan of keeping a party for your friends? Are you tired of doing the same thing over and over again? Well, not to worry because with a mirror disco ball you can finally give your party the boost it needs. They are versatile, durable, and a great addition to any kind of party. If you want to take your party to the next level and impress your guests then this might just be the answer. Here is everything you need to know about the mirror disco ball for your next house party. What Is A Mirror Disco Ball?  These are made of many mirrors all around the ball that reflects light and gives off a mirrored glittery look. These are manufactured in our mirror ball factory where all the rigorous standards are followed to produce the best mirror balls. They can be a great addition to a variety of spaces such as: Function venues Nightclubs Bars Theatres Ballroom House parties Film sets Retail shops And many more places. You can place the mirror ball anywhere you want to enjoy a nice and relaxed vibe. Why A Mirror Disco Ball Is The Perfect Addition To A House Party? All of this sounds good. However, you may be wondering how it can enhance your house party. Well, here are the many reasons a mirror disco ball is perfect for your next house party: #1. Go Back To The 80s The classic reflective mirror disco ball is set to take

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Find the Right Disco Light!

I’m so excited to share these tips with you and show you what it’s like inside Color Factory, a fun, colorful, pop-up art exhibit in DY LIGHTING WORKSHOP. I had heard about Color Factory through several friends and desperately wanted to go there, especially after seeing it all over social media. Apparently, everyone else had the same feeling that you wonder how those shiny magic disco mirror balls are made.First, you just need well-cut magic mirror pieces and they have several different colors, Gold, silver, Black, and rose gold. My personal think Gold mirror ball is absolutely a nice shiny piece. And do you know how the mirrors stick onto the balls? That is very easy in the workshop and in fact in the backside of those mirrors are already have a clue. This looks just a profi! You just need to appeal the clue paper and then stick wherever you want. Even on your cup or your bedroom or kitchen wall. It turns your handcraft into a masterpiece. Covered impeccably with tons of shiny reflecting real glass mirror pieces, these disco balls will transform any space into a groovy dance floor by bouncing the wonderful colors and shiny lights all around. Hang these sprightly spheres from your Christmas tree, Window Panes, Curtain Rods, Roof and Ceiling Drapes, or fill in Clear Glass Vases, and Pots to create glamorous glowing masterpieces. Each ball is equipped with an 8-inch string at the top for easy hanging and decoration. Silver Ball Diameter:

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Sparkly Disco Party Ideas That Would Be SO Nice for Your Party and Christmas Eve!

It’s no secret that I’m INSPIRED by the idea of a Christmas Eve, so these ideas were pinned with that in mind—but really, they’d work for a glitzy, glittery wedding any time of year! Sparkly swizzle sticks! (Bonus points if you get glittery gold coasters, too!)Two words: Disco Balls or Mirror balls! I think they’re TOTALLY worthy here! Dress up plain champagne flutes with gold paint! So festive! Hand out sparklers before your send-off! You’ll get such cool photos! Would you copycat these SPARKLY party ideas for your Christmas Eve? It can not only decorate your room but also your Christmas tree. I totally would! I always say that it is important to take care of every last detail … For your guests to be the kings of the dance floor, you not only need a good DJ but also take care of the lighting and set the scene for the disco. I leave you some ideas!

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